The Holden Grey motor is often referred to as the Holden side plate. The engine earned its name as they were painted grey from the factory. They came in 2 sizes, 138ci and 132ci. More engineering and after market modifications have gone into this engine than any other engine in Australian automotive history.

May 06, 2013

Turbo Holden Grey Motor

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Came across this old article.  Nice to see a turbo Grey.  I have never seen one in real life but I'm guessing there are still a few out there.

What better way to begin building the perfect car than with a brand new body shell.  This is how Peter Campo began building “The Wedge”. The new old stock bodyshell was bougit in Albury in 1968.  Work didn't commence until January 1973 and the FX has been on the road and appeared in shows I for over seven years. Many changes have I been made to the car since 1980 with continual  upgrading to its present high standard.  At first glance it would appear that Peter's FX is stock bodied, almost a restoration except for the chrome wire wheels.  But this is definitely not the case. Peter is a spray painter, so naturally did all his own paintwork and also performed the subtle body modification.  The new body shell has not been altered but the rear doors have been widened one inch and the rear guards have had 1 and ½  inches added to them retaining the original lines.  The front guards have been widened two inches at the front and tapers down to one inch at the back of the guard.  To maintain the original proportions on the front guard.  Peter has moved the headlight rims forward one inch.  To match the widened guards both the front and rear stone trays and bumper bars have been widened four inches.  As a final touch the rear number plate has been slightly recessed into the bootlid.  All modifications have been carried out it such a way that they are barely noticeable and appear to be factory original.

Peter’s FX is one of the very few modified Holdens that’s doesn’t run a red motor or a V8.  Instead it uses a turbocharged EJ Holden motor. It nuns a sheet crank, solid mains, forged pistons and modified cam.  The head has been modified to make maximum advantage of the turbocharger.  Fuel is carried in the stock tank and transferred to the motor through a 1 inch stainless steel wet line at 7 lbs. pressure and metered into the engine by a two inch S.U. carb.  Water injection is also fitted.

Complete exhaust system is stainless steel from W: inch to two inch at the rear.  Behind the motor is a bellhousing specially manufactured by Rare Spares to bolt the Opel four sped gearbox to the grey motor. The original king pin type front end has been replaced with a HR crossmember fitted with HZ Holden stubs and discs and gas filled shook absorbers.  Steering arms are original although Rare Spares have made a ball jointed drag link which is to be fitter in the near future. Tho rear suspension has been improved with the addition or one extra leaf and a thicker main leaf in each spring.  The rebound on the springs is dampened by gas tilled shock absorbers.  The diff is a Holden one tonner housing with a Salisbury 3.08:1 centre and SLR 5000 axles and disc brakes.  Rear wheels are 14x10 chrome Trepoke wires with low prolile B.F. Goodrich IA radlals 265x5oxt4.  Front wheels are 14x8 chrome Tru-spokes with 246x5ox14 TIA's Polished stainless steel brake lines are used throughout the car.  Front and rear sway bars have been specially made by Rare Spares and all chromed suspension components have been heat treated.

As with the exterior, the interior has been fully refurbished without deviating greatly from the original theme.  Front and rear seats are stock as is the dash except for a Nasco accessory gauge panel fitter below the speedo.  Seats and door panels are upholstered in blue-grey leather with embroidered cloth panel inserts.  Grey felt is used for the headlining.  The boot area is fully trimmed to match the interior.  Every single piece of rubberware used in the car is reproduction were supplied by Rare Spares. Rare Spares also supplied the other reproduction parts used In the rebuild as well as the electrical work and other previously mentioned components.  Other companies involved with the rebuild were Sunny Autos and trlmworit by Edward Downs 8 Sons. 

The rebuild originally took seven months to complete but that was over seven years ago.  Since then various improvements have been carried out plus a few more minor changes are planned, all in the name of detailing which makes Peter's FX a most outstanding example at Holden's first model.


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