The Holden Grey motor is often referred to as the Holden side plate. The engine earned its name as they were painted grey from the factory. They came in 2 sizes, 138ci and 132ci. More engineering and after market modifications have gone into this engine than any other engine in Australian automotive history.

September 10, 2015

Copper head gasket for grey motor

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If you are running a grey with big compression you might need to invest in a copper head gasket.  Greg provided me with some pics and the base steps.

Comes like this:

A few small mods here and there to get it to this stage:

Some Three bond on the block:

Then Similar no the head

Then fit like so

Then final torque down as norma, make sure you torque out to stop gasket extrusion.

September 07, 2015

Grey motors at the 6 Banger Nats 2015

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Well I guess it's been a long time since we have seen a grey at the 6 banger however this year Marks mighty Turbo Grey motor powered FX ute was out on show.  Mark's use it an amazing build which already a few stories out there:


As well as a full article in Streetmachine early 2015 ( I'll scan in the cover later so you can buy the back issue )

As the 6 banger nats were approaching we started to see a little bit of rivalry in the Hot 6 and inline community ( ) created and run by Aaron Schubert ( he runs a sweet 67 XR falcon with a hot 2v conversion, but we will forgive that ) and Mark stepped up to the plate.

Having faith in the FX is all part of the pride and quality of the build, Mark drove 1.5 hours to the event and raced in full road trim destroying the opposition time after time then drive home.

The FX is currently running a mild tune, low boost, 3.25 diff gears and tall road going tyres.  Marks time were consistent and the car ran a treat.

Next time mark might up the boost, change the gears...well at the very least put some lower profile tyres on to really get it taking off.

Here are some pics and videos:

Special thanks to Ash Low for organising the 6-0 grudge racing event as he did a lot of advertising and fund raising.

With Calder park in Melbourne re-opening and the vast array of hot greys in Melbourne hopefully we see some out there having some fun down the 1/4 over the next few months.