The Holden Grey motor is often referred to as the Holden side plate. The engine earned its name as they were painted grey from the factory. They came in 2 sizes, 138ci and 132ci. More engineering and after market modifications have gone into this engine than any other engine in Australian automotive history.

January 12, 2015

Grey Motor Canadian Blcok

09:24 Posted by GreyFC 3 comments
Do they exist is it a myth.  Most people claim early engine numbers are Candian blocks this is not true but we still hear the old story of "My mate had a Candian block".

In any case here are 2 very old clippings from way back claiming to have Canadian blocks for sale.  To this day no one has been able to prove or show a picture of a Candian block.


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  2. These so called Canadian blocks are non existent, the early 132.5 blocks were imported from maple casting co. in America and were casted with a maple leaf on the block.
    People see the logo and think Canada but they were assembled in GMH Australia.

    Jamie Palmer, Gray motor fan.

  3. Except for the first 10 motors (cast and built in Detroit) for the 5 prototype Holdens (3 built in the USA and 2 in Australia, badged as Chevrolets), ALL motors for production cars here were built here.
    The Maple Leaf logo must have been on these 10 blocks. Early electrics were Canadian Bosch which also may have added to the myth. That is from Don Loffler, OFFICIAL Holden historian.
    The Opel Kapitan motors from Germany look a lot like Holdens too but distributor is further forward between 3 & 4.